HAMDS provides a comprehensive application to record and retrieve your medical and health records on all your devices. Should you chose, build an on-line health and medical history. Think of HAMDS as your secure personal data storage for all your health and medical records: how consistent is your blood pressure, what type of allergies do you have, do you take any medications, would you like to be reminded of your next general checkup, when did you last have a mammogram or pap smear test performed, what is your blood type, or simply recall how much you weighed last summer, etc.,HAMDS provides the solution. You can record all the details of your health and medical history or you may decide to be selective, it is your choice. We have provided the questions and the categories so that you can easily manage the results.

Foremost in our concerns regarding the service we provide are the issues of privacy and security. We are fully committed to safeguarding your identity and privacy to the outside world and not to share any information with any entity unless you authorize it, or that in the unlikely event of being ordered by a court of law to release that information.

We have taken great care to develop a highly secure means of transmission of data over the Internet. In addition to our encrypted method of transmission we have employed industry standard SSL protocol to further secure data transmission between your computer and our servers.

HAMDS for all Needs and Ages
We have developed HAMDS with all age groups and needs in mind. It is a reality of life that some need less medical care than others, or that some of us have very specific medical needs, yet what is obvious is that we all should take our health issues seriously. With HAMDS it does not matter whether you are 25 or 95 years old, whether you have heart condition or run 10-miles everyday, the service encourages you to take charge of your medical and health issues. It promotes confidence and sense of security that all your medical records and health profile are under your control and supervision, and that they are accessible to you and your physician, or to hospital medical staff should an emergency situation arise.

Doctors onboard
During the course of developing this system we invited various groups of physicians to explore and expand on the services we wanted to offer our members. One of the issues that repeatedly came up was the fact that through HAMDS system the physicians would no longer be required to wait in order to receive the medical records of a new patient from his/her former doctor. This saves the doctors considerable amount of time that could be better utilized on serving the immediate medical needs of the patient. Also, our guests appreciated the fact that the new patients would no longer have to fill in any lengthy forms. All the necessary medical information is already on file and accessible online.

You no longer have to sit in a doctor’s waiting room trying to remember minute details about when you had a surgery, whether you are allergic to a medication or which family member has suffered from diabetes. All that information and more can be recorded and stored with HAMDS, and from that moment on you control and provide that information to whomever you decide.

It is important to note here that we, HAMDS Inc., are in no way affiliated, owned or remotely connected to any medical establishment (medical practitioner’s groups, hospitals, clinics, health care providers, etc.) or the insurance industry (insurance companies, HMOs, etc.). We are proud to proclaim our 100% independence.

Emergency Services
It is unfortunate but emergencies do occur, and in the event of a life-threatening situation where you may need emergency medical services, hospital emergency room staff or EMS can quickly and securely retrieve your medical records and provide you with the best care possible. We urge you to carry your HAMDS CARD with you at all times! This would be the only way for the emergency medical staff to identify you as aHAMDS member and contact us for your up-to-date medical profile.

We have developed a secure way to verify their identity before we commence to provide them with your medical profile.

So, Welcome …
Please familiarize yourself with our service, legal, privacy and security issues. You may also visit Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to general questions. We have taken great care to make this site as user-friendly and as simple as possible, yet not to compromise the comprehensive nature of recording your health and medical data and retrieval system. We would appreciate and welcome your comments and suggestions to provide a better service to our members. We will continuously update this site and offer more services in the months to come, so please visit us periodically.

We hope that your experience with us would be a pleasant one, and you would care to join our growing list of members.