One of the most difficult aspects of selecting a piece of furniture is: which furniture? Then, the second question that pops up: would it go with my existing furniture? Where would I place my new furniture? Which fabric should I select? The questions are numerous and the types of furniture limitless.

That’s where MiaFurniture comes in. A service furniture manufacturer would offer to their customers worldwide. MiaFurniture is designed with the needs of the furniture industry in mind. The high quality 3D visualization provides life-like reality to the environment created. The ease with which the user can move in the 3D space, view the furniture up close, move the furniture around creates more of an engagement and relationship than one can have in a showroom. Read More



A host of tools specifically developed for the automotive industry. Once components are developed and created from 3-D CAD files in MiaTools Pro, they are then imported into MiaMobile. This is where the car is “put together”, and it becomes “alive”. Doors are opened and closed, headlights are turned on and off, environments are created and the steering wheel turns where the road bends. The prospective buyer will see and feel the strength of the brakes when applied at high speeds. They will test the car on winding roads or on the motorway!

Basically MiaMobile offers a life-like experience of test driving a vehicle, but this is just part of the story. It also serves as a complete car configurator, from engine choices to the leather hide, from sports seats to ski rack and other accessories. You can view the vehicle in the showroom or take it for a ride on the Nurburgring racing circuit! Read More


  Architecture & Real Estate Development

Architectural Firms

It is always a challenge for architects to convey their vision to their prospective client in a tangible and visually friendly way. Sure, there are preset animated clips that can be created—we have that already—but what if the client wants to see it from a different angle, with another facade or other shades of color? What if it is imperative to see the entire project in the context of surrounding buildings, at different times of the day, or to recreate traffic patterns in the surrounding area? These and other related issues can create barriers to what can otherwise be a successful project.

Welcome to the hectic world of architect-client relationship. This is where MiaArchitecture comes into play. You can create the various designs—in Mia or other professional architectural software—and allow the client to not only view from all angles but also to participate in the final decision in a more educated manner. Read More


  Web Commerce

Memco has created the platform for the next big wave where web commerce, virtual browsing, shopping and other internet activities will be presented in 3D. Mia’s advantage is its high quality, compact size, interactivity and full customization—the user can not only view the content but view it in different environments, applications and settings.

Sell with conviction, buy with confidence™

Finally, our web commerce solution can be applied to conducting sales on a one-to-one basis on the web! Read More