Mia Desktop

MiaDesktop is the first fully functional 3D desktop for Windows® desktop environment. Creating and arranging your desktop shortcuts will never be the same. Organizing your shortcuts cannot possibly be any easier, concise and at the same time 3D-illy accessible.   By the way it’s FREE!






MiaTools is the software to publish your 3-D models and interactive scenes in high quality definition on the web, as well as the desktop and mobile environments. Create interactive banners, insert interactive 3-D content in any given section of your website to draw attention, get your point across more clearly and demonstrate your product or service in high quality fully interactive 3-D. MiaTools has everything you need to get you started on the path to introducing high quality interactive 3-D content: Read More



HAMDS provides a comprehensive application to record and retrieve your medical and health records on all your devices. Should you chose, build an on-line health and medical history. Think of HAMDS as your secure personal data storage for all your health and medical records: how consistent is your blood pressure, what type of allergies do you have, do you take any medications, would you like to be reminded of your next general checkup, when did you last have a mammogram or pap smear test performed, what is your blood type, or simply recall how much you weighed last summer, etc.,HAMDS provides the solution. You can record all the details of your health and medical history or you may decide to be selective, it is your choice. We have provided the questions and the categories so that you can easily manage the results. Read More