Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Demonstration of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and Memorial Monument. The Memorial Monument Complex is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks. Read More


  Luxury Condo

Architectural project with complete interactivity.
The scene contains 1,800,000 triangles, 3000 materials, 100 changeable choice of textures and over 20 available changeable objects to chose from, and finally the ability to change scene lighting (day/night).
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The Downtown Project is a demonstrative project of commercial and residential complexes in the central district of a city environment.
The main theme here is for Memco to demonstrate its technology in the various spheres of architecture, development and city planning with emphasis on environmental factors such as greenery, automobiles, avatars.

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  Apartment Interior

This demo depicts standard apartment interior demonstration.

You can walk throughout the apartment, open doors, etc. Read More


  Rihan Penthouse

Rihan Heights, the first residential phase of Arzanah, is designed by international award winning architect SMC Alsor. Read More



Demonstrates high detailed house with environment and detailed furnished interior.
2 floors and 10 rooms fully furnished, with detailed rendering. Read More


  Shams ArRiyadh

Demonstrates high detailed building with environment and detailed furnished interior.
The project demonstrates:
Large environment space with neighborhood buildings
3 interactive floors Read More