Please view our 3-D models and virtual interactive scenes in our Gallery section. We have created numerous demo material in myriad aspects of life to further demonstrate the possibilities that Mia offers. Please click on the link below to go to our 3-D Gallery.

Demo Page





  Mia Player

MiaPlayer® is a cross-platform web enabled as well as standalone mobile, desktop and server application player that provides viewing of lifelike 3-D content. MiaPlayer is supported on all major browsers and operating systems. Whether you are viewing Mia content on computer or your mobile device you are in for a great ride.




  Mia Desktop

MiaDesktop is the first fully functional 3D desktop for Windows® desktop environment. Creating and arranging your desktop shortcuts will never be the same. Organizing your shortcuts cannot possibly be any easier, concise and at the same time 3D-illy accessible.   By the way it’s FREE!